Our Pilot is Live

Meet Tara, a college professor who gave up a career at Waffle House in order to serve students. We investigate what her life would have looked like if she'd climbed the batter ladder.


Audio Extras

We spent a lot of time at Waffle House to bring you this episode. Enough to learn that the bits of excess waffle that bubble out the sides of an iron are called “dog ears.” Just like an overzealous line cook, we tried to pack too much in. Here are the audio dog ears that didn’t make the final cut.



Like comparing apples to pork chops

What does racism look like in academia compared to food service? We asked our client, Tara, for her thoughts.


I’ll have two jelly packets, over easy

Next time you’re in Waffle House, watch the cooks. Notice how there are no tickets hanging over the stove, telling them what to make. Instead, they use a secret code to track orders. A code that involves … jelly packets and cheese slices.


When your t-shirt is a water filter

Remember Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse? It was a whole quarter inch of snow!!!! Some Waffle House customers rode out the storm in the diner. In case that happens to you, here are some bonus tips from urban survivalist, Richard Duarte.


If you had access to a time machine, would you use it? Would you go back and give yourself advice — and who would you become when you returned to the present?