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Becky Lettenberger/NPR

Becky Lettenberger/NPR


Kelly Jones started out as a producer for BackStory, a public radio show about American history, where she learned a ton but could never really separate the true from the apocryphal. Her work has appeared on the BBC and she won a Third Coast Short Docs award for a story about poutine. Kelly used to be a competitive gymnast. She wants to go to space.

Chioke I’Anson is Instructor of African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. This year he was the community producer for UnMonumental, part of AIR’s Localore: Finding America project. Chioke absolutely does not want to go to space. He loves motorcycles. A lot.

Sherina Ong is a freelance journalist, writer, and aspiring waterbender. Before diving into the podcast world, she was a Writing Fellow for online magazine Everyday Feminism and production intern for public radio show With Good Reason. She thinks The Container Store is a hip place to be.

Claire Tacon’s first novel, In the Field, was the winner of the 2010 Metcalf-Rooke award. Her new manuscript, Henry & Starr, is forthcoming with Wolsak & Wynn. Claire lectures at St. Jerome’s University and is a fan of home-brewing and nerdy German strategy games.